Highwave Boatorhomes 2000 inc.

Now You Can Enjoy The Best of Both Worlds
- A Motorhome and Cruiser in One Luxurious Package -
Introducing the Highwave Boatorhome.

On land it's a comfortable, smooth-riding motorhome.
On the water it's an exciting, action-packed cruiser.

The Highwave Boatorhome is the ultimate, most versatile recreational vehicle available today.

It is designed and crafted to exacting specifications to provide you with years of carefree enjoyment. Drive down the road in total comfort, motorhome style, with access between driving compartment and living area. Cruiser can be launched in minutes upon arrival at river, lake or ocean. The Boatorhome accommodates 4 to 6 comfortably and is easy to drive, park and launch.

Start enjoying the best of both worlds today.

Information Packages are available ($20.00 US). Order online now.

WOW - Finally, a Motorhome and a Cruiser all in one neat package, - "James Bond Style".

Highwave Boatorhomes 2000 Inc. and a team of highly skilled engineers and yacht craftspeople, with years of experience have come together in producing the revolutionary Highwave Boatorhome 2000.

I have spent many years with my Proto Type testing, redesigning and touring North America acquiring feedback from thousands of people in what they would like to see in our Boatorhome if they owned one. These people currently own Motorhomes, RV's and Boats. Thus designing and creating the new Highwave Boatorhome 2000.

There are thousands of motorhome owners towing large boats totaling 60 to 70 feet long finding it very inconvenient launching and retrieving, transferring personal items from the motorhome to the boat and back. Other difficulties are in parking and driving in cities and towns, plus averaging 4 to 8 miles to the gallon. Spending more money compared to the same quality and value for your dollar that you are receiving with the Highwaves Boatorhome 2000 "is in a CLASS of its own".

NOW you have a choice. For quality relaxation and recreation time with your family and friends the Highwave Boatorhome 2000 offers you the ease of flexibility and travel.

As a multifunctional year round Recreational Vehicle, The Highwave Boatorhome 2000 is designed for total comfort and safety, enjoying all the amenities, as you would find in a luxury yacht or luxury motorhome. It is the only one of its kind in the world today.

Ideal for a multitude of applications for Recreation, Business Entertaining & Special Events Promotional Units, TV / Radio Station Mobile Unit, Military, Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, Ambulance, Environmental Testing Labs for land and water applications.

The Highwave Boatorhome accommodates a family of 4 - 6. You are able to travel in the Cruiser while on land with access from the Cruiser to the Hauler, motorhome style.

Within minutes you are able to launch the Cruiser in your favorite lake or ocean and enjoy swimming, water skiing, scuba diving, fishing, or relaxing under the the sun with your favorite book.

When on land it handles like a high performance limousine, easy to park with no trailer to tow, plus averaging double the fuel economy of that of a motorhome towing a large cruiser.

We are now taking orders for 2000 delivery. I look forward in reviewing with you any questions you may have and detailed pricing. Please note you are buying factory direct.

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